Blender To Rizomuv/Uvlayout [B2ruvl]

by Titus in Scripts and Addons

–Blender version–
only 2.8

– OS –
Windows only

– Installation –

  1. Blender->Edt->Preferences->Add-ons->Install from file…
  2. Define paths to applications

– Usage –
Everything is automatic:

  1. Select mode (New or Edit), select channel for edit
  2. Send to UVLayout or RizomUV
  3. Do UVs
  4. When finishing in:
    • UVLayout - press “Send” button
    • RizomUV - press shortcut “Ctrl+S” or Save the file
  5. That's all. You will receive UVs automatically and the application will be closed(not Blender).



Thank you very much!