Blender Show Stage Lighting (Console Edition)

by FAFIG STUDIO in Scripts and Addons


1. Artnet network connection. All lighting consoles that transmit data via DMX signals are supported. Such as Grand MA2, Tiger, Pearl, etc.

2, the import of GDTF format. The GDTF file is the industry standard lighting package file of lighting, which contains the model and data information of the lamp, including the lamp model position, size data, Gobo pattern, lamp library channel information, roulette preset and macro programming, except for Gobo and macro programming. In addition, models and other data can be imported through the Blender SHOW plugin.

(Premise: The lamp library file of the manufacturer must comply with the GDTF standard, see the official website of the GDTF industry organization: and, in principle, it can be opened in gdtf-share file, can support import)

3. Independent control and adjustment of lamps and lanterns. It is especially important for the construction and rendering of static scenes. (Subsequently add a dimming method similar to the MA technique)

4, the arrangement of lamps. Supports alignment of XYZ axes, linear matrix distribution, and annular matrix distribution of three XYZ faces.

5. Artnet data recording. Recorded Artnet data is saved to the data structure of Blender's Blend file for playback and rendering.

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Published 14 days ago
Software Version 3.2
License GPL
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