Blender 2.81 - Substance Painter - Create Sci Fi Assets For Videos Games

by Yojigraphics in Training

Source files are included in .zip files with the same name of the videos.

Training program:

Chapter 1 Blender – Getting started with modeling tools


1.2-Bool-tool Addon

1.3-Carver Addon

1.4-Fast carve Addon

1.5-Combination example

1.6-Creation Rules and Cleaning

Chapter 2  Blender – Rifle Modeling

2.1-Using a shape generator

2.2-Basic shapes modeling part1

2.3-Basic shapes modeling part2

2.4-Details modeling on the stock

2.5-Details modeling on the grip

2.6-Details modeling on the body

2.7-Details modeling on the barrel

2.8-Details modeling on the loader

2.9-Details modeling on the viewfinder

2.10-Add details in edit mode

2.11-Add details with boolean inserts

Chapter 3  Blender - Preparation and export

3.1-Verify the geometry

3.2-Materials creation and assignment

3.3-UV Unwrap


Chapter 4 Substance painter - Texturing

4.1-Import and  verify the mesh

4.2-Textures sets baking

4.3-Paint shader creation

4.4-Metal shader creation

4.5- Hard surface brushes and anchor points

4.6-Adding paint stripes and lights

4.7-Camo texture creation

4.8-Export textures sets

Chapter 5 Blender – Shading et render

5.1-Shaders creation with exported texture sets

5.2-Studio creation and final render


5.4-Mixing different models to create a set

5.5- Import in Unity and sketchfab

5.6- Bonus files introducing

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