Blender Maya Converter (Bmc) 1.0

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Blender Maya Converter is

Blender  Maya Converter  is a tool for transferring  Mesh Light (Vray) Camera and Material (Vray) between Maya and Blender.

This tool for an artist who needs to transfer scenes between Blender and Maya. Might be in use rendering, modeling or another tool of both software, which is a better tool for each.

For a sample, when you finish your model in Maya. You use Maya Vray render, but need to render with Eevee or Cycle in a blender, you can send your scenes to a blender and automatically convert shade and light to blender system.

On the other hand, you can be modelled with blender tool and shading and lighting, but need to render with vray.You can send your scene to Maya and automatically convert shade and light to Maya Vray render system and set quality upon yours.


  • Blender 2.80 or above

  • Maya 2017   Vray v4. 0 (Vray Next) or above 


  • [ Save Setting] Save your setting and communicate with another user. You can use this option to make user settings and save different file paths for communicating with another artist, which uses different software (in this time is Blender and Maya).For transfer assets to each other.

  • [ Folder Path] setting the folder path for transfer file  between user.

  • [ - / +] add and remove user for saving difference setting.

  • [ SEND/GET] send and get object between Blender and Maya.

  • SEND/GET [MESH]  turn-on this option when you need to send or get mesh.

  • SEND/GET [LIGHT]  turn-on this option when you need to send or get light

  • SEND/GET [CAMERA]  turn-on this option when you need to send or get a camera.

  • SEND/GET [MATERIAL]  turn-on this option when you need to send or get material relate to mesh.

  • SEND [SELECT]   sends only select object if this option is turn-on and export all objects.

  • SEND [INVISIBLE]   sends all objects, even object is invisible when an option is turn-on.

  • GET [Light Mult]  Multiply the intensity of light by your number.

  • GET [Keep Transformation]  If you have already imported an object and adjust the position, rotation or scale the existing model, need to import it again. If you turn on this option Import object still the same position rotation and scale. If not, turn-on your object reset to your original file.

  • [ SET IES]  set IES file for all gray IES light  is selected
    ( only Maya) 

  • SEND/GET [Scenes Scale] set scene scale for send and get (only Blender)

    Support Material Node 

  • TEX_IMAGE  / file 
  • TEX_NOISE / noise 
  • INVERT / reverse 
  • MIX_SHADER /  VRayBlendMtl 
  • NORMAL_MAP, BUMP / VRayMtl (build-in)


website: blendermayaconverter

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Blender Version 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93
License GPL
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