Blender Massive 240-Piece Modular Mega Pack For - Kitbash Immersive Castles And Towns For Game Dev, Animation And Archviz

by 3D Tudor in Models

Massive 240-Piece Modular Mega Pack for Blender - Kitbash Immersive Castles and Towns for Game Dev, Animation and ArchViz


 I am sure you did not expect this. Even before Christmas, we were working on a new modular kitbash set that is bigger and better than ever before.

Welcome to Massive 240-Piece Modular Mega Pack for Blender - a modular kitbash that will take your skills to the next level. Use 250 modular kitbash parts to build ANY medieval city, castle village or town better, bigger, and with more detail than ever before!

Our ‘Massive 240-Piece Modular Mega Pack for Blender’ top 10 points of awesomeness:


1.    Get started with ease with pivots positioned and oriented to help you speed up the building part of a structure;

2.    Light up the night sky with houses lights that glow in the dark, and assets set up with emission textures;

3.    Unique stylized touch of texturing;

4.    Modular castle walls and tower pieces to help you build as tall of a fortress as you’d like;

5.    Building variations for roofs and huts to build from the humblest of huts to the most extravagant type of mansion in a stylized manner in minutes;

6.    Custom textures for each modular piece to help bring out a unique look from every asset;

7.    Variety of outdoors props to help you populate the streets and make them look alive;

8.    Doors that open to help your taverns, houses, and shops feel as welcoming as you like;

9.    Create unique outdoors marketplaces with our market assets;

10. Enjoy intricate mesh detail to help you get depth from close-up camera shots.



Immerse yourself and your players in a medieval fantasy world complete with iconic shop windows, moving flags, banners, market stalls and cobbled streets!


In a world where the boundaries between what is real or imagined are blurred by the ever-increasing skills of computer-generated imaging (CGI), we are giving you the power to create something HUGE!


A modular kitbash is a powerful tool in every 3D modeller’s or game designer’s toolbox. It helps you quickly and easily create intricate assets and environments using pieces based on a set of concrete variations.


Every modular kitbash asset and every single one of the building parts has been carefully crafted and optimised to work with the latest version of one of the biggest game engines out there – Unreal Engine 5. Hand-in-hand with UE5, the possibilities can become endless, and you can tailor everything to your vision.


*Note: should you want to use Massive 240-Piece Modular Mega Pack for Blenderwith Unity if you exported everything from Blender and optimised the parts within that game engine too.



What is included in the pack?


For Blender:

250-piece modular pack

Completely packed .blend file with asset manager all set up

Texture zipped file - just download and open


Are you a 3D modelling artist, game designer or developer looking for a 3D model kitbash that will leave your eyes throbbing with creative excitement?

With Massive 240-Piece Modular Mega Pack for Blender, you will build a stylized environment that would leave someone second-guessing about whether it is real or not.

Using the same pieces, you could build a cathedral or a castle or a house and shop.



And that’s not all…

Massive 240-Piece Modular Mega Pack for Blender’ modular kitbash items include all the smaller assets that are necessary to make any game environment look real when you walk around it.




What makes a 3D world immersive?

The ability to walk around it in awe of how much identify with the environment and you feel like you’re there.




Even as early as 1 week into development, we knew the Massive 240-Piece Modular Mega Pack for Blender’ will be something special.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to build stunning medieval worlds in Blender!


So, come give us a try and be blown away by just how much you can achieve from one modular kitbash.


So don't wait any longer and order your Massive 240-Piece Modular Mega Pack for Blender’ pack today.


Happy modelling everyone!


Neil, 3D Tudor