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Add a cube and a camera to the scene. Make it so the camera always looks at the cube and keyframe it so it moves 10m away from it between the start and end frame.Unlock the full potential of Blender with the Blender GPT plug-in, a powerful AI-powered creative assistant that integrates OpenAI's cutting-edge GPT models into the Blender environment.

Designed for 3D artists and enthusiasts, this plug-in enables you to rapidly turn your ideas into reality using natural language prompts.

How it works:

1. Install the Blender GPT add-on and enter your OpenAI API key into the preferences.
2. Open the GPT panel and select your desired model, such as gpt-3.5-turbo
3. Enter a prompt and wait briefly, the model will interact directly with your scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What models are available?
A: Upon initialization, a list of all available models will be queried directly from OpenAI. Note that not all of the models available are compatible with the add-on. It's built and tested for GPT, however all models are included for future proofing.

Q: Where do I get an API key?
A: You will need to generate an API key from your OpenAI account.

Q: Why has Blender frozen?
A: Blender will be unresponsive until the prompt is fully resolved. For larger prompts or slower models, this can make Blender unresponsive for a while.

Q: It didn't do what I asked it to do?
A: The accuracy of the instructions executed are dependant on the capabilities of the model and it's understanding of the prompt and Blender API. Tailoring more reliable prompts will require trial and error to achieve optimal results.

Q: What information is exposed to the API?
A: As part of the pre-prompt, the model is provided with the version number of your Blender installation to better tailor the results. No other information is provided to the model except what you specify in your prompt.

Q: Is it possible to see the code being generated?
A: Yes, generated code is printed to the Blender console which can be opened via the "Window" menu. In addition, disabling "Automatically execute generated code" will store the code as a text data-block which you can view in the Text Editor space.

Q: Will this corrupt or break my project?
A: This add-on relies the execution of generated code, of which may vary in stability. Always keep a backup of your Blender projects.

Q: Are there any security concerns?
A: The instructions returned from the model are executed directly in Blender's internal Python environment. In theory, providing you do make prompts with malicious intent, the returned code should be safe. To audit code before execution, disable the "Automatically execute generated code" option in preferences.

Q: Is usage free?
A: Billing of the model usage is subject to OpenAI and the model you select.

Disclaimer: This product is not affiliated with Blender or OpenAI. By using this add-on you understand the associated risks of allowing code generated by OpenAI to be executed within your Blender environment. The author of the add-on takes no responsibility for any issues caused by the generated code or misuse of the add-on.

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