Blender Game Engine Material Creator (BGE-MC)

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BGE-MC aims at simplifying the blender material creation and workflow by ridding the user of having to manually load all the required textures.  The add-on is located in the tools shelf. When choosing to add a new texture, a file path chooser appears and the image is loaded as one of the following texture maps: diffuse, normal, specular, emission, glow, reflection and ambient occlusion. The following example illustrates a simple internal mechanic: the user can choose to only select an image for the diffuse map, then only a texture node called "Diffuse" is created with the colour and alpha channels selected.

  • It automatically names the textures data nodes in the material textures list according to the files that are loaded. It then activates all the properties associated to the loaded types.
  • Each texture is mapped to UV with FLAT projection.
  • Materials generated can be used with the blender render engine or the blender game engine.

Possible add-on outcomes:

  • When the material is created, it is added to the global material list of the .blend file.
  • It can add the material to an activated object materials list.

Please follow this link to read a more in depth description of the add-on.  

Free updates !

I’m a Blender Game Engine (BGE)  artist myself, which means that I constantly add new features and improve BGE-MC for myself and the community. Once you purchase BGE-MC, you’ll be able to download every consecutive update without ever taking your wallet out again.


The installation is done exactly the same way as any other add-on in Blender:

  • Open Blender's User Preferences (from the File menu or using Ctrl+Alt+U)
  • In the Add-ons tab, click the Install from File button at the bottom and select the ".zip" file you already downloaded.
  • You should now see the BGE-MC add-on, simply check the box to the right of the add-on name. If you don't see the add-on, you already had it installed - just search for it's name and it'll show up.
  • To make sure the add-on stays enabled the next time you run Blender, click the Save User Settings button at the bottom left

How to use

The easiest way to use the add-on is to proceed as follows:

  • An image for each texture types can be specified, leaving blank the paths of unnecessary texture nodes.
  • Once the paths to the images are defined, click on 'Create' to generate a preconfigured material.
  • You can reinitialize the add-on using 'Reset'.



  • Customizable fields - By using alternate material and texture nodes names.
  • Advanced options - Navigate to the advanced feature of the texture node to tweak influences and/or texture node options.
  • Image importer - 'Open' a file browser to import images to blender.
  • Auto addition of material - Possibility to apply material directly to active object upon creation.
  • Resets - You can reinitialize the add-on using 'Reset' button or by using each nodes 'X' button.

Material options

  • Diffuse and Specular colour management.
  • Shadeless and Transparency toggles.

Diffuse options

  • Influences - Intensity, Colour and Alpha.
  • Mapping - Coordinates, Projection and Blend type.

Normal options

  • Influences - Normal.
  • Mapping - Coordinates, Projection and Blend type.

Specular options

  • Influences - Intensity, Colour and Hardness.
  • Mapping - Coordinates, Projection and Blend type.

Height options

  • Influences - Displacement.
  • Mapping - Coordinates, Projection and Blend type.

Emission options

  • Influences - Emission.
  • Mapping - Coordinates, Projection and Blend type.

Glow options

  • Influences - Intensity, Colour, Alpha and Emission.
  • Mapping - Coordinates, Projection, Blend type and RGB to intensity with colour control.

Reflection options

  • Influences - Intensity, Colour, Alpha.
  • Mapping - Coordinates, Projection and Blend type.

Ambient Occlusion options

  • Influences - Intensity, Colour, Alpha.
  • Mapping - Coordinates, Projection and Blend type.


Wiki & changelog If you have any trouble with BGE-MC, such as a bug or a feature suggestion, just use the support forum tab! Otherwise, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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