Blender Cycles Realistic Snowflakes

by Feral 3D in Models

Realistic Snowflakes For Blender Cycles

Simple as it is, 7 unique snowflakes, that you can use to make some swanky snowy scenes. Hey make your postcards, holiday themed scenes, stock video animations, etc.

Emitter Included

Comes with an emitter that randomly spews out snowflakes, makes for a great solution for snow scenes.
Here's the deal In the scene, there are 7 flat planes, that can be animated though an emitter. If you import the particle emitter to your scene, you have instant snow. Looks great from a distance, and quality enough for closeup renders as well. Each snowflake has a dimensional "high-Poly" version as well-- to be clear the high-poly versions are a series of places offset by random scale and rotation. On those planes is a textured material setup of a photo-real snowflake texture. High poly and low poly can be used in the emitter, but I recommend using only the single plane, low poly versions of the snowflakes.

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