Blender Creative Package #1 | Dust And Damage Nodes

by RenderRides in Models

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  • Mark Lowe 8 months ago

    Easy, powerful, highly recommend if you need procedural scratches / dust. It takes just a few minutes to master the perspective that the camera best views the subtle changes, but when you see it, it's night and day from an unrealistic perfect surface to the one generated by the shader. If you need some noise, this is a quick solution.

    • Agniv Duarah 8 months ago

      Thank you so much for your kind feedback! I'm very glad that you found it helpful :D

  • andreas 11 months ago

    Wow, just awesome. So great for close up shots. The micro scratches are such a nice detail., which gives the model more realism. Totally cool on complex models. The same with the dust. And both looking good in Eevee and cycles. Simply a great package for a very nice price. Thank you for sharing this.

    What will be pack #2 ? :o)

    • Agniv Duarah 11 months ago

      Thank you so much! I'm really glad you found it helpful.

      The second Blender Creative Package is already out, you can check it out through this link:

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