Blender Blood Effects

by Toon Life Studios in Models

Using the Blender Blood Effects

1. Go to file append.
2. Locate where you saved the blood effects on your computer.
3. Select the effect you wish you use and then go to the groups
category and select the blood effect group.

It is best to append the blood effect into a layer by itself. This will make selecting the
key frames to move the animation in time a lot easier.

4. Grab the empty and moving it into position where you would
like it to be in the scene using the move, rotate, and scale tools.
5. Find out which frame you would like it to start animating on.
6. Under the animation tab at the top or by going to the dope sheet,
select all of the key frames for the blood effect and move them
so the first key frame is on the frame you want the animation
to start.


In the node editor you can also edit the material to your liking.
If you wish to change the material you will need to change it
to each of the meshes on each frame.

For the blood bursts the emptys will always be pointing in the direction of
the animation.

You can parent the empty for the blood effect to bones or other objects.

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