Blender 4 Geometry Nodes Workshop: Jungle Vines

by 3D Tudor in Training

Master 3D Modelling in Blender 4 with Our Geometry Nodes Workshop: Create Lifelike Jungle Vines with our Online Course!

Transform your digital landscapes into breathtaking ecosystems with our specialized online course, 'Blender 4 Geometry Nodes Workshop: Jungle Vines'. Discover how to create lifelike jungle vines in Blender with our comprehensive online course, designed for both beginners and experienced 3D artists. his Blender 4 Geometry Nodes tutorial is your step-by-step guide to mastering complex vegetation in digital environments.

I'm Luke, a seasoned artist specializing in crafting miniature environments with Blender and Unreal Engine. At 3D Tudor, our mission has been to develop advanced geometry nodes that liberate artists, granting you the ultimate creative freedom to bring your most ambitious visions to life.

I'm excited to present our latest online masterpiece, 'Blender 4 Geometry Nodes Workshop: Jungle Vines'. This course is meticulously crafted to unlock the vast potential of Blender's Geometry Nodes and teach you how to create jungle vines in Blender. It's more than just a course and a geometry nodes tutorial; it's a gateway to transforming your digital landscapes.

You'll explore the depths of creativity and technical skill, learning to craft breathtaking, lifelike jungle vines using geometry nodes that elevate any scene from the mundane to the magnificent.


  • The 6 most exciting things you will learn with 'Blender 4 Geometry Nodes Workshop: Jungle Vines':

  • Dual-Origin Vine Creation: Gain mastery over vine generation with both custom and random spawn techniques, ensuring your vines perfectly integrate into any environment. You will become an expert at vine generation in Blender, employing custom and random spawn techniques for seamless environment integration.

  • Organic Shape Modeling: Utilize path nodes with noise overlays to sculpt organic vine roots, adding authenticity to your creations.

  • Workflow Optimization: Learn efficient geometry node cleanup and organization, leveraging the Node Wrangler add-on to streamline your creative process.

  • Stylized Leaf Textures: Explore how to generate leaves with customizable variations, including access to exclusive stylized textures, allowing for unique personalization.

  • PBR Texturing: Apply any PBR texture to your curvature meshes seamlessly, enhancing the realism and depth of your designs. You will also learn how to apply physical-based rendering (PBR) textures to your vines, enhancing realism in your 3D modelling projects.

  • Animation Techniques: Discover how to bring your vines to life with dynamic animations, making your scenes more vibrant and realistic.


Course Structure

Our 'Blender 4 Geometry Nodes Workshop: Jungle Vines' course breaks down the complex world of 3D modelling and geometry nodes into 20 engaging sections. From viewport interface basics to advanced animation techniques, this online course equips you with everything you need to create breathtaking jungle vines.


We have laid out this vast topic into 20 noteworthy sections:

1.     Viewport Interface Basics
2.     Resource Pack Overview
3.     Remeshing 3D Object to get constant Density
4.     Creating Vines Starting Point
5.     Setting Curves with Edge Path Node
6.     Creating Length Controls for Curve Setup
7.     Setting up Mesh Normal Offset
8.     Creating Random Points for Vine Spawn Option
9.     Geometry Node Cleanup And Seed Setup
10.  Setting Up Boolean Switch and Parameter Cleanup
11.  Vine Mesh Parameters and Scaling
12.  Adding Mesh Collection along the Curve
13.  Creating Leaf Scaling Randomness in Blender
14.  Geometry Node Leaves Scaling Based on Curve
15.  Fixing Overlapping Curves
16.  Storing UV Map Data for Curves
17.  Shader Basics Introduction video
18.  Material Shader Setup for Geometry Node
19.  Final Overview and Spawn Point Debugging
20.  Animating Geometry Node Vines


One of the first things we will do in 'Blender 4 Geometry Nodes Workshop: Jungle Vines' discusses the basics of remeshing 3D models using volume nodes, providing a solid foundation for our vine generation. You'll learn how to create the perfect starting points for your vines, using edge path nodes to generate curve paths across your mesh.

·        But we won't stop there. We'll take your skills further by teaching you how to randomize these paths using noise and delete selections randomly to achieve those truly organic looks that make your scenes pop.

Control is key in digital art. That's why we'll explore how to use the trim curve node to get custom controls for the length of your vines, setting up parameters that let you tweak your designs to your heart's content.

·        You'll also master the art of creating offset values with normals of mesh faces, ensuring your vines sit perfectly within your scenes.

But what about variation? We've got you covered. Instead of relying on an 'empty' object for vine start locations, you'll learn to set up random spawn points directly on your mesh, using these as the origins for your vines. This level of detail and customization is what sets professional-looking projects apart from the rest.

Cleanup and organization are just as important as creation.

·        You'll discover how to streamline your geometry nodes with reroutes and how to compact nodes by hiding unnecessary information, making your workflow as efficient as possible.

And that's just the beginning. We'll delve into generating a mesh from curve data, spawning leaves with meticulously set scale parameters, and applying shader materials from PBR textures to give your vines that lifelike quality.

·        Plus, you'll learn the secrets of animating your vines and leaves, turning simple parameters into breathtaking animations that bring your scenes to life.

By the end of this online course, you'll not only know how to create jungle vines in Blender but also have the skills to enhance any digital environment, making your 3D scenes stand out.


Summing it all up 

'Blender 4 Geometry Nodes Workshop: Jungle Vines' is not just about creating vines; it's about giving you the tools to enhance any environment, enriching your skill set, and unlocking new creative possibilities in 3D art. Whether you're an experienced Blender user or new to 3D modelling, 'Blender 4 Geometry Nodes Workshop: Jungle Vines' will equip you with the knowledge to create complex, dynamic vegetation in your projects.

Don't wait to start bringing your digital environments to life with beautiful, animated jungle vines.

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Don't miss this opportunity to transform your digital landscapes with our online course, 'Blender 4 Geometry Nodes Workshop: Jungle Vines'.

Start your journey to becoming a proficient 3D artist in Blender, creating dynamic and lifelike jungle environments.


Until next time, happy modelling everyone!
Luke – 3D Tudor