Blender 2.8x Fundamentals: Basic 3d Modeling And Look Development

by expose academy in Training

What you will learn from this course

You are going to learn so many things in this course. They are just too many to cover in this short introduction article. But just for a quick summary. The course is divided into 4 parts.

Part 1: Blender essentials

  • Blender’s UI
  • Viewport navigation
  • Basic object operations
  • Basic transformation
  • Interaction modes
  • Basic mesh editing
  • Etc

Part 2: Look development

  • Viewport shading modes
  • Rendering engines
  • Creating and using materials
  • Basic CG concepts
  • Using camera object
  • Surface smooth shading
  • Screen space reflection inside EEVEE
  • Etc

Part 3: 3D modeling

  • Advanced transformation
  • Pivot point
  • Selection techniques
  • Inset, Extrude and Bevel
  • Knife and Bisect tools
  • Adding loop cuts
  • Patching holes
  • The basics of modifiers
  • Common 3D modeling mistakes
  • Normal direction
  • Manifold geometry
  • Point-to-point modeling techniques
  • Etc

Part 4: Construction robot project

  • Volume sketching
  • The Basics of grease pencil
  • Special movement operations
  • The basics of the curve objects
  • Basic rigging with FK (forward kinematics)
  • Create global illumination in EEVEE
  • Etc

Hands-on projects

There are many hands-on projects in course. Such as:

  • Custom monkey head model using basic mesh editing
  • Adding materials to the custom monkey head model
  • Modeling a kindergarten chair
  • Create vases using spin and screw methods
  • Create a roman column
  • Model a toy train by leveraging the vertex snapping feature
  • Model a coffee table
  • Create a robot in the final project section. Covers 3D modeling, material, lighting and rendering with EEVEE


  • Basic skills in operating a computer
  • Have a computer with dedicated GPU that can run Blender 2.8 or above
  • Have a standard mouse with scroll-wheel
  • Already have Blender software installed