Ultimate Plastic Shader

by DoubleGum in Materials, Shaders, Textures


An easy-to-use shader for Blender Cycles and Eevee that will bring your models to life!

One node to rule them all, create all kinds of plastic in no time.

Control realistic features like fingerprints, dents, and scratches with simple sliders.

Blego uses Principled  BSDF shader, allowing a flexible workflow with physically correct shading.
This ensures that the assets will look great in any kind of lighting. :)





Next updates : 

  • Edge Wear for EEVEE
  • Performance optimization
  • Bug fixes (please report if you find one)
  • Any other recommendations/ suggestions by you folks

Please see Blego Bricks for a special shader, 3d printable bricks, and much more!

With your help and feedback, I hope to keep on improving this shader :) 

You can import this material in your scene by going to File>Append and then selecting the material from the downloaded .BLEND file. Simple, right?

Hope it help make your models look even more epic, I would love to see your projects!
Have fun and keep blending. :)

Why does the 'Edge Wear' doesn't work for me?

Edge Wear is currently not supported by Eevee, everything else will work just fine.

If you are using Cycles, and still are facing a problem, then you need to download the latest 2.79 'Experimental' build from builder.blender.org/download/

Sorry for the inconvenience. I am sure this will be resolved with the next stable Blender release. Thanks for your support. :)

My Blender version doesn't have Eevee, what should I do?

Download an experimental 2.8 build from builder.blender.org/download/

Is the Lego brick included in the .blend file?

Yes, the one shown in the images. I prefer the term Blego Brick. :p

Do I need to UV unwrap my models to use this shader?

No, the shader uses 'object' texture coordinates, thus, you need not worry about UVs at all.

The textures look weird (stretched or squished) on my model, what should I do?

You need to apply scale.
Select model. Hit 'Ctrl+A'. Select 'Scale'.

Is this compatible with Cycles and/or Eevee ?

Yes, Blego is compatible with both Cycles and Eevee rendering engines.

Is this a procedural shader?

Yes, mostly. Everything except the fingerprints and scratches is procedural.

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  • Juan Mendoza 21 days ago

    Really cool , the only issue is that is too heavy for eevee

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