Blecolac - 3dprinter Cnc/Laser Gcode Exporter/Controller Blender 3d Addon

by Gabor Horvath in Scripts and Addons


I created a 3D Printer (Hypercube EVO). I made three toolhead (printer,laser,engraver). In this time I want to use the engraver but no suitable and simple GCODE generator what is create code from 3D objects. I prefer the Blender3D software and developed an addon for it.

This addon can generate right GCODE with any type of carving drill. You can configure in wide range (sizes, origins, fine, pass) Additionaly you can cut bezier paths.

The addon improved with Laser capability. Laser image engraving and cutting.



  • Linux and Windows compatible install ( bug fixed  #12 )


  • Built-in GCODE Viewer for fast checking for last generated GCODE


  • Laser cutting can use spline curves with modifiers!
  • Laser cutting parameters are simplified
  • No need materialbox for laser cutting


  • Blender3D 3.0 compatible


  • The Materialbox not needed for Laser cutting
  • some small


  • Bezier scale problem. (before cutting, the beziers will be scale to 1.0)
  • MATERIAL template origin reposition for no negative values (because gcode switch off the negative moving check for deep carving, but if no consider for that then the printer can be overmove)
  • ... some small cosmetic


The new feature: Direct 3D Printing from Blender 3D 


The new feature: Laser image engraving

Sales 10+
Published 8 months ago
Software Version 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93, 3.0
License GPL
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