Black Mesh

by Mifth in Addons

Welcome to the new Procedural Voxel Modeling World. Whether you are going to Mars or another solar system, don't forget to take some Black Meshes with you. Boolean Voxels, Smooth Voxels, Layers, Non-Destructive workflow for the sake of your Sci-Fi. 

Blender 2.93+

WINDOWS: vcredist_x64 must be installed.

LINUX: some libraries should be installed. Ubuntu 23.10 or GLIBC_2.38+.

MAC: some libraries should be installedMacOS, M1+, Arm64..

Black Mesh is very friendly to other Boolean tools like BoxCutter, JMesh, Mesh Machine, etc. It's possible to boolean with them and smooth with Black Mesh.

Basically how it works:

  • Add Source (an Object only at the moment)
  • Add Booleans (an Object or a Collection)
  • Add Filter (Smooth only at the moment).

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Download Examples

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MacOS, Intel X64, 10.14+ Support.


Linux Support. Ubuntu 18+


  • Documentation: 9
  • HalfWidth value has been moved into Source as it depends on voxelization. Now Halfwidth = 2 by default. See this issue 1
  • SetWire and AddMirror tools were added. Just select a boolean object and a Black Mesh object and use these tools.
  • Create/Select/Hide Collection buttons are added to booleans
  • Set/Select/Hide Object buttons are added to booleans

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Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
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