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Your favorite cryptocurrency turned into a 3d model!

This is a bitcoin coin completely modeled with every single detail, it has both faces with the ( B ) sign. You can use it to produce 3d renders and images for contents related to bitcoins and cryptocurrency! you can also extract high-quality texture maps from the mesh and use it in low poly productions.

You won't need to search for images of bitcoins anymore! now you can create your own images, with this model, a good lighting and scene setup, you will get amazing results!

Please read the Documentation for more specific details!

This product comes with: 

  • 1 3D Model on a .BLEND file. [4.16mb]
  • 1 Ambient Occlusion .PNG (4K) texture baked from the mesh. [9,75mb]
  • 2 Normal Maps .PNG (4K) texture baked from the mesh. [4,72mb - 14,8mb]

If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with me :)

3D Model Specifications:

  • Geometry:       Quads,Tris and N-Gons.
  • Polygons:         Faces 35K | Tris 72K
  • Textures:          No
  • Materials:         Yes
  • Rigged:             No
  • Animated:        Yes (there's a box animated)
  • UV Mapped:    No

Model (Subdivision Modifier: 0) [ Faces 35K | Tris 72K ] 

            (Subdivision Modifier: 1) [ Faces 144K | Tris 287K ]

            (Subdivision Modifier: 2) [ Faces 575K | Tris 1,15M ]

If your machine can't handle the subdivision on level 2, set the View value to 0 and leave only the render at 2. This way the one million tris will only be calculated to show for the final render. You can also try checking on Options, under Subdivide UVs, click Optimal Display and try to increase the View number.

  • (< View:       0 >)
  • (< Render:    2 >)

(quick tip: you can save some performance by deleting the details on the back, for example, if your render only shows the front face, there's no reason to keep all that geometry on the back)


  • Layer 1: The coin.
  • Layer 2: A Box (animated) and a small lighting setup.


  • Golden_Material_Bright
  • Golden_Material_Dark

(both using the Principled Shader, simple setup for Color, Metallic and Roughness)

You can of course change and add textures to the model, my goal is to provide a good quality model for rendering and image production and the materials setup works just fine for that purpose.

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