Bigmouse'S Texpack - Part 2 - Walls And Wood

by bigmouse in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Texture Pack 2 - Walls & Wood

The second package of My self-made textures. Focusing on two new categories: Walls – Natural Stone walls, Brick walls, Old and grungy plaster for garden walls, Old houses walls and so on. Wood – Again, Mostly grungy, old and dry wood surfaces and some natural tree bark. Works great for architectural rendering as well as Real-time visualization and gaming. 24 Textures, all seamless, Separated to 4 maps each – Color, Normal, Displace & Specular. Best quality JPGs, 1024*1024 px. Edited with Krita, Normal maps generated with Xnormal. Basic Shader Preview .blend file included and a short ‘How to use’ guide.