Bigmouse'S Texpack - Part 1 - Rocks &Amp; Soil

by bigmouse in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Textures Pack - Soil & Rocks

There's never enough of them, is there? Over the years I've Photographed and created quite a big collection of textures that I needed for my projects. In this pack I packed two categories of textures that I used the most. Works great for architectural projects as well as Real-time visualization and gaming. Rocks - Natural rock surface, forest rock, desert rock, for rocky mountain-sides or small stones. Soil - Mostly natural Ground surfaces, sand, grass and plants.   24 Textures, all seamless, Separated to 4 maps each - Color, Normal, Displace & Specular. Best quality JPGs, 1024*1024 px. Edited with Krita, Normal maps generated with Xnormal. Basic Shader Preview .blend file included and a short 'How to use' guide.