Big Rock Pillars - Game Asset

by Xotherz in Models

This is a mini pack of 5 large rock assets meant to be used as game props inside game engines like UE4 or Unity . 

Formats provided : Blender project file , FBX and OBJ exported mesh files . 

There main use is as background pieces .

Every rock has its own separated unique set of textures , 3 textures per rock : Base color and  Normal -as tow separated textures - and  Roughness , Metallic and AO as a single texture using channel packing . Texture format : PNG .

Channel packing order is : R = AO , G= Roughness , B = Metallic .

Keep in mind that the more you scale up something like this the more low rez it will look , even with 4 k textures on it . 

Keep in mind you will need to do LOD for them to optimize there use , even more if you want to scale dawn and duplicate them to create a more diverse rock structure . UE4 at least  makes that very easy with automatic LOD creation . Also do not forget that you should combine/merge any rock structure you create from multiple duplicate of these rock inside your game engine to be a single piece , that will optimize draw call numbers . 

They will also work in any 3d rendering program that supports the workflow of  pbr metallic roughness textures and has a function for splitting rgb channels .

For any other texture format plz contact me .