Bezier Mesh Shaper

by RNavega in Scripts and Addons

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  • CG_GroundBirdie 29 days ago

    Excellent, Elegant, Easy!

  • alex 5 months ago

    Excellent work. Thank you.

  • Daniel 5 months ago

    It is quite simple to use and it works really nice, but i miss few things.

    In first place, i think it should have an icon in the tool shelf for being more easy to acces. in second place, it would be nice a "info" panel with the options during its use.

    Anyway, is really easy to use it and you can see the options it has in the addons prefferences. so i highly recommend it.

  • Adam 6 months ago

    Your addon is absolutely Brilliant! You just made my life a lot easier Thanks. Keep up the good work!

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