Better Baking

by Erasers45-Studios in Addons

"The difficulties faced during the first baking experience contributed to the creation of this add-on, which was designed to make the default baking UI accessible to everyone."

Save yourself valuable time and turn your baking process into a breeze!


1.1.0 (March 2024)

  • Blender 4.1 patch and support


  • Initial release for Blender 4.0+


BetterBaking is a tool created to simplify and enhance the process of baking textures for all kinds of users. The addon comes with its own panel, making it easy to use. Users can easily understand both old and new functions thanks to the intuitive interface.
It provides a list of commonly used PBR texture types for quick baking and allows for custom settings to be made in the material and native bake settings.

The main features of this addon include:

  • Quick baking list for the most common PBR texture types (Ambient Occlusion, Diffuse, Roughness, Emission, and Normal)
  • Custom mode to save your own settings in the material and bake settings in order to bake different masks, etc.
  • Export multiple texture resolutions simultaneously
  • Support of Multibaking to be able to bake textures from several objects at the same time
  • Detailed error messages to avoid or resolve the most common sources of errors
  • Well-known modes such as "Selected to Active" or "Bake from Multires" are also supported

Quick access to the most common PBR textures by simply adding them to the baking queue.

The custom mode allows users to save their own settings, including metallic textures and other more complex settings.

Do you want to export multiple texture resolutions at the same time? No problem, add as many texture resolutions as you need!

Maybe you want to add multiple objects to the baking queue at the same time? Nothing is easier than that!

Please note, that "Selected to Active" is disabled in this mode!

Should you encounter any errors, the detailed error console will help you resolve them by yourself.

Selected to Active and Bake from Multires are supported by the addon as well.

Demonstration of a possible workflow with BetterBaking (multiple objects and texture resolutions).

Known limitations:

The baking process is optimized for baking textures and exporting them, but it does not support baking to vertex colors.

Materials used for PBR baking must be based on the Principled BSDF, Emission, or Mix Shader nodes. Other shaders, such as Glass BSDF, are not supported.

Further help:

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments feel free to join our Discord Server!

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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
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