Fresh bell pepper

by StruffelProductions in Models

With its organic shape and its incredibly detailed surface this bell pepper fits into every scene. No matter if it is a modern kitchen or a traditional farmer's market! 

Thanks to the use of a combination of multires and sub-surf modifiers this model offers the perfect amount of polygons for whatever you want to create! You can literally have anywhere between 1.4 thousand and 1.4 million vertices, allowing you to use this asset for both the fore- and background.

The easy to use material setup lets you quickly adjust the color and even add a bit of random variation!

All presentation renders have been achieved using the filmic color management. Results may vary.

  • To use this Asset, just go into the destination project and click on "File" > "Append" , then navigate to the file you downloaded and append the Group (not the Object!) with the name "bell_pepper_asset".
  • To change the color of the bell pepper open up the material "bell_pepper_surface". In there you will find the settings in a green frame.

If you have other problems, feel free to contact me via my blendermarket page!

-Lennart Demes / StruffelProductions

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