Basic Recharger Model Pack

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Recharger Pack:  Basic Blender

The Recharger Pack consists of 13 models with corresponding textures.  The Basic pack includes the Base Color, Normal, Metallic and Roughness texture maps all packed into a single .blend file..  

Other versions:

Recharger Pack:Full - includes all Substance Painter and Designer Files. 

Recharger Pack:Basic models in .fbx format and the base PBR texture maps
Recharger Pack:Unity - includes models and substances in a Unity package
Recharger Pack:Unity Deluxe - includes models and substances in a Unity Package and all other texture files used to create the substance.  

Models include:

Recharger Base

4 Power Cells
4 Plates for the Recharger Base corresponding to the Power Cells
4 Monitor Recharger versions that correspond to the Power Cells
1 Monitor
1 Recharger Desk
1 Controler Plate
1 Controler Tower

The models are in .fbx format.  


Other Promo Images Rendered in Blender with the Cycles render engine.  

Used Nexus PBR shader node for the renders.   Included in the .blend file and available here

Artist and Company Information
Concept property of Starboard Games LLC

Modeling, textures and Rendering by Monte Drebenstedt

Starboard Games LLC