Base Meshes Character Starter Kit + Rig

by Menglow in Models

Are the faces rigged in this kit?
  • No.
Do it include UV unwrap?
  • Yes, it include the uv unwrap. For the customize meshes reason the UV unwrap come with mirror version.
It they a simple way I create a cloth for a character without rig and paint weight?
  • Your can use the method "Transfer Weights" to transfer the character paint weight to you own cloth model. It may not be perfect but can save you around 80% work time.
Does this pack have morph target/shape key?
  • No, because it allow customer to customize the character hand and feet meshes. All the morph target/shape key must be a final step once the character are finalize and must done by customer self.
Can I use this pack for my game or other commercial type?
  • Yes, your can use for any type of commercial, just doesn't allow your to repack the package and resell, reupload to Blender Market or other marketplace, it will violate my copyright and the license. 
Why rig layer and rig properties doesn't show on layout mode?
  • Go to "Scripting Tab" and click run(alt+P/option+P) "" script

*rig manual sheet include inside the each character folder.

How do activate the python script for rig layer and rig properties?
  • "Allow Execution" when open the character blend file.

*rig manual sheet include inside the each character folder.

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