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You can download BakeMyScan for free at, but 100% of my earnings through this product sells are donated to the Blender Development Fund: Given the commission rate, that's 13.30$, which is a great sign of support for BakeMyScan, and a generous contribution to the ones who put on the real work.

BakeMyScan is an Open Source toolbox for asset optimization, useful for 3D scans post processing, online publishing, game assets creation, sculpting, low-poly art, 3D printing, WebGL/VR/AR...

Major Features

  • 4 interfaces with Open Source remeshing software: Instant Meshes, Quadriflow, Meshlab and MMGtools
  • 3 homemade remeshing/retopology methods (quick quadrilaterals and naive or iterative decimation)
  • Easy PBR setup to import textures and mix materials
  • Lightning-fast texture baking between high-res and remeshed models (supports PBR)
  • Python scripts to batch-process models from the command line

Minor Features

  • Unified import to forget about file formats
  • Common pre-processing steps in one UI
  • Symmetry and Mesh Relaxation made easy
  • Export axis aligned orthographic views
  • Export a model and all its textures at once
  • Local HDRI preview (experimental)

Possible Roadmap

  • First: create a roadmap, fix bugs, better UI, create tutorials, videos, and the website!
  • Interface other opensource command-line software (mainly for remeshing and photogrammetry: OpenMVS, Colmap, OpenMVG, Manifold...)
  • Support for Eevee, Blender 2.8, and .gltf format
  • Thumbnails from easy local PBR materials browsing
  • Direct preview of HDRIs from
  • Browse DIY online libraries of lowpoly assets through a blend4web application
  • In a few weeks/months: Allow features requests, and external contributions
  • Reasonable suggestions?

Please, keep in mind that this addon, while very powerful, is the result of a lot of non-dedicated-to-publishing experiments, and I think (know?) that I'll take it very far soon! I published it in as an early version, and it is shipped with my poor handling of communication, an unorganized website, a flagrant lack of videos and tutorials... All of that I am working on!

If you haven't already, just try it, and I think that you will definitely forgive all of that!

All the information about BakeMyScan and the related project I have around it is (or at least soon will be) available on You can also follow me on Twitter or on Sketchfab to get notified of my future progress!


PS: all the models shown in the pictures are available to download for free on my Sketchfab account, and are often re-uses of CC-attribution scans made available to the public by other hobbyists. Thanks to them for making them available!

"I'll write the doc now". You have to be a true developer to pronounce this sentence...

So I'll just say "I'll write the doc soon" !

In the meantime, feel free to check the FAQ for useful links ;)

Where can I find info / tutorials / examples ?

I am currently setting up and getting familiar with an environment for me to work comfortably and provide users with as many information as possible:

* Blender Artists thread to share, discuss, critic, report... Reading this thread is, at the moment, the best way to get a good understanding of my project.

* will be the central resource with documentation, tutorials, "development blog"... But I still have lots of work to do on it !

* The source code is hosted on this github repository, where I work with issues and releases.

* I will dedicate a full something, somewhere, to a mid-term / long-term roadmap (Trello board, github project, a page on the website... I am doing the maths!) 

* I'll tweet updates and anouncements from my new twitter account

* I'll try to frequently upload ~10min videos showcasing common operations on real models (user-submitted probably), as well as ~2min "featurettes", on my (new as well) youtube channel.

I like your project, can I try to help somehow?

You definitely can, and by other means than donating.

"Have you told your friends?"

For now, and as I am going to keep on "prototyping" for a little while after having fixed issues, the possible best way to help me would be to cite BakeMyScan. #BakeMyScan. Made with BakeMyScan. BakeMyScan is cool. Have you tried BakeMyScan? Whatever, I'll take any advertisement if you enjoy my work ;)

This will be a great way to get attention on the project, allowing me to get more users, meaning more feedbacks, meaning a better tool !

Share your workflow tips !

I am not a 3D artist. So I definitely don't know what's best / most useful for you. I have ideas, and some of them might be great, but others will definitely prove pointless.

Hence, if you happen to use some cool workflows, smart succession of operations in blender, or use homemade or open source python scripts that you think could improve the "asset optimization" field, and if you are willing to share them to the community, I'd be glad to try and incorporate them into the addon, of course giving you a proper credit on a page I will have set up for the occasion.

I won't take into consideration every tip or trick though! I want to keep the addon coherent around asset optimization, so that all the operators make sense and can be used in conjunction. I don't want to make it a meta-addon regrouping every trick possible !

Send me links to Open Source research codes

The 4 external software interfaced with BakeMyScan are great, and they all come from motivated research groups. And that's where their strength come from.

If you have any idea about powerful Open Source codes which happen to accept command line parameters, and work on data that is exportable from blender, please let me know.

Integrating them into BakeMyScan is probably very easy to me, and is also an easy way to create a nice UI to them and make them available to the blender community.

I am mostly thinking about remeshing tools, UV unwrappers, surface reconstruction, image processing... Have a look at this issue on github to see the ones I have in mind at the moment!

Don't you like money?

I do. But I also have convictions, and if I want this project to become viable in the long run, I have to know if people validate my Open Source "vision" first, and how far I can bring this project by myself. 

If my current ideas are validated, and I am not just being an over-confident prick, I'll definitely upgrade BakeMyScan into something that I'll be able to gain money from in the long run, while keeping it Open Source and free to use. 

I don't want to become rich with BakeMyScan but in case of success, I will definitely find my best to make a living out of it. I want to be able to live doing what I love, and if I can afford a comfortable life doing so, I definitely will ;)

But let's focus on shipping a stable and fully-featured product before trying to make it into a source of revenue.

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