Bake Wrangler

by DFS in Scripts and Addons

Full user documentation is hosted at

For a quick start, after installing the add-on find the 'Bake Node Editor' in the editors list and press the 'New' button to start with the following simple layout:

  1. Set 'Target' to the mesh object you want to bake to (must be UV unwrapped)
  2. Set 'Source' to a high poly mesh to bake from (or leave empty if not required)
  3. Choose the type of bake in the 'Pass' drop down list
  4. Enter the path to output your image (can use // for current path)
  5. Enter the name of your output image
  6. Press the 'Bake Image' button and you're done!

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Sales 400+
Customer Ratings 13
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Published almost 2 years ago
Software Version 2.93, 3.0
License GPL
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