Bake Helper

by MeshLogic in Scripts and Addons

Bake Helper 1.0

Bake Helper addon is intended to automate the baking workflow and to save your time by creating, assigning and saving all desired image maps. In contrast to other tools, it enables to bake a separate image map for each material. This makes it especially useful for creating content for virtual grids like Second Life.

  • Works with both Blender-Render and Cycles-Render.
  • Enables to bake all objects marked in the list or a single selected object.
  • Automatically creates and assigns image maps for each object and its materials named:
  • Enables to merge all object's materials into a single image map named:
  • Automatically assigns image maps of various types (UV Grid, Color Grid, AO, Combined, Full Render) to all selected objects.
  • When baking is finished, Blender-Render Textured viewport is invoked to display the baked image maps.
  • Save all baked image maps into the desired folder by a single click.
  • You can use shortcut to bake (F5) and shortcut to switch viewport engine and shading (F4). 


Version 1.0 (26.04.2016):

  • Fixed compatibility with Blender 2.77
  • Added a button to select the render engine used for baking
  • When baking is finished, it automatically enters Blender-Render Textured viewport to display the result of baking

Version 0.1 (12.12.2014):

  • Initial release for Blender 2.72


Sales 90+
Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 8 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
License GPL
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