Bae Harrier Ii Gr9

by stephendowdy in Models

Detailed model of a BAe Harrier II (GR9) in RAF livery.

Modelling and Rigging

The model consists of multiple objects totalling 98,131 vertices (91,509 faces). The undercarriage is fully rigged to deploy and retract through a single controller, the ailerons, flaps, rudder, airbrake, and canopy are separate objects parented to allow easy animation. Included are separate objects for the loadout consisting of external fuel tanks, rocket pods, paveway bombs and sidewinder missiles.

Materials and Textures

The model is fully UV unwrapped and uses three PBR materials; one for the main body of the plane, one for the undercarriage and one for the munitions loadout. The main fuselage material uses 4k textures, the undercarriage and loadout materials both use 2k. All three materials have colour, metallic, specular, roughness and normal maps; in addition the fuselage and undercarriage materials also have emission and transparency maps.

Published over 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.9
License Royalty Free
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