Backup Object

by JohnGDDR5 in Scripts and Addons

Release v1.0.9 on 2/28/2021

What is Backup Object?

Backup Object is a workflow addon for easily creating backups of object(s) with a click of a button. No need to worry about messing up the mesh or object settings of your object when you can go back to your previous backups. 

What it does:

Object backups are neatly organized into their own separate collections to easily reference. Automatically hidden from the viewport and rendering to not clutter the viewport.

How to use it:

    Select 1 or more Objects, and click the "Backup Object" button. 

Use Cases Examples:

  • Wanting a quick backup of a specific or many objects when working on a project.
  • When Retopologizing an object and a point comes where a drastic topology change is needed.
  • When Sculpting an object and wanting to explore different versions.
  • Destructive Modeling.



  • Backup any object type: Meshes, Cameras, Grease Pencil, Image Empties .etc
  • Duplicates objects completely (including mesh data) and sends them to their own collection.
  • Collections are automatically created into a Parent Collection for organization


  • Works in any Object Mode, no need to switch out and back to a certain mode so you can keep on working.
  • Addon is non-intrusive to the UI, all contained in one panel.


  • UI is designed for users in mind.
  • Options to toggle display of Icons and collections.
  • Useful subpanels for Display of UI list, Cleaning Backup Collections, and Debugging for developers.


  • Blender 2.80+


  • Just install from the .zip file, no need to unzip.

Update Info:

  • Added Option to include Boolean objects when Backing Up (For nondestructive workflows such as with the BoxCutter addon)
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Published almost 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91
License GPL
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