Audiotape: Subd Friendly 3d Model. 4 Variations. Arnold, Corona, Cycles, Ue4, Unity, Vray. Obj/Fbx/Blend

by meshvoid in Models

Blend file has models with appropriate collections with materials applied.

PRODUCT CONTAINS a realistic mid-poly 3d model of an audiotape with 4 DIFFERENT TEXTURE SETS:

  • Dirty_Type_01
  • Dirty_Type_02
  • Dirty_Type_03
  • Pristine

There are TWO VERSIONS of the model with different polycount in separate files. One is Sub-D friendly, and one is not and purposed for game engines. Every texture set contains Base Color, Roughness, Normal, Metallic maps and additional maps. Model made by properly baking extra detailed high-poly model to it's low-poly version.

Exported texture sets contain 4K TEXTURES for following render/game engines:

  • Arnold
  • Corona
  • Cycles
  • UE4
  • Vray

All you have to do is unzip the file and open blend file. If you're using other software or render engines, there are FBX and OBJ files for you to use, in that case, you will have to assign appropriate textures yourself. All of those are included in the archive. Enjoy!