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Assets for the addon: Level Builder


More than 279 assets (was 200) for the Level Builder add-on for Blender. Designed for easy snapping and modular building. It is easy to build a large scene and still having enough memory because all assets are instances or linked.  It works with Group pro as well.  

Why you want Assets for Level Builder:

  • Build big scenes fast and still have enough RAM left
  • Rethink building big scenes with snapping, asset-management, linked objects and instantiating. 
  • Concentrate on the big picture rather than losing yourself too much in details.  Meaning you will be more productive. 

  • Contains (279 assets) :

  • (List below is off the 200 first assets). 
  • 18 boxes modeled (think boxcutter-ish). 
  • 6 variations of cylinder models
  • 18 variations of planes
  • 3 Stones
  • 16 Fences 
  • 10 Pieces of furniture
  • 11 Parts for controls (knobs, buttons)
  • 1 Vegetation (grass)
  • 35 Walls 
  • 7 Stairs / slides
  • 7 Poles
  • 6 Railings
  • 20 Tiles (Flooring)
  • 12 Pillars
  • 17 Primitives
  • 8 Organic models. 
  • Materials: Metallic, Dielectric, Sand, Stone. 
  • 3 Pipes


  • Low poly (mostly)
  • Materials in separate Blend-file. 
  • Smart UV-unwrapped
  • Designed so that most assets snap easily to another asset. (Modular)
  • Comes in one Blend File
  • Origin placed at the mid-bottom


- March 1, 2019:  Added more flooring and walls.  Added a material to all assets.  You can find the update in v2, see zip-file

- March 8, 2019: Version 4. Added more assets and changed materials into a metallic look. There are now more than 200 assets. (You can easily change the material). The file is AfLB_packed_v4.blend. 

- March 15, 1019: Added a Blend file with some materials (stone, sand, metallic, dielectric). Added a Blend file with organic objects.  

- Februari 28, 2020: Added 79 more assets. Check the file. Here an example: 


- More assets

For documentation of the Level Builder addon see: Level Builder


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