Asphalt Texture Pack

by tmkdigital in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Three Asphalt Textures with Lanes (Prepared separately so you can tweak their position!)

1 Minute Overview Video is Above

By default, those textures are microdispacement enabled, great for close up renders, if you don't need that extra detail, you can unlink displacement in the materials and put them to "bump" in material options to only use normal map for quicker renders! :)

Before Purchase:

  • Microdisplacement in Blender is still experimental
  • Have a decent GPU VRAM or be prepared to render using CPU.
  • Avoid edges and seams.
  • Avoid using two micro displaced materials on the same geometry.
  • Harsh lighting may give you a bit weird shadows, so you need to adjust the maps and lighting until you have something pleasing.
  • Be strategic with camera placement. In certain angles materials look better.
  • You can always ignore above if you know how to photoshop out problematic areas, I often do that :)

Product Specification:

  • 3 Textures Set up in Blender - Asphalt, from roads in United Kingdom
  • 2 Variations of Road Lanes (Yellow and White)
  • 4K Seamless - scale up and down to your needsĀ 
  • Photographed and Prepared in Substance Designer
  • Each Material comes with Ambient Occlusion, Base Color, Roughness, Metalic, Normal and Height Maps.

My Example Renders:

In both examples, I added a RGB curve node to color map to make it more darker and fit environment :)

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Blender Version 2.79
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