Blender Low Poly Modeling & Hand Painting For Beginners

by ArtStudio in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Would you like to participate in the development of the game? Would you like to learn 3D models ready to use in games? Or are you interested in creating low poly models? Or do you like to paint models in Blender? Or do you want to get to know the user interface of Blender and earn money from it? However, you don't know where to start? That's why I went through all these things step by step in this course.

In this course, we will go on an attractive journey together to Step by step learn the Blender. We start from the interface overview until we reach the modeling and finally Texture Painting in Blender. I will take you through the low poly modeling and most important thing that we are going to Focus on, is the texture painting in Blender. I used graphic Tablet for texture painting but it will work with mouse as well but recommend using a graphic tablet.

This Course has 8 chapter that starts from learning fundamental of Blender and goes up to modeling and texture painting.

During this journey, we model three low-poly Sci Fi models. Two war cannon and a Sci Fi Jet. In this part, we will get acquainted with the useful tools of Modeling such as extrude, bevel, proportional editing, some of the modifiers and a lot more which once you learn those correctly, it will allow you to model any kind of other model.

UV Unwrapping

Next, we learn how to UV Unwrap those three models. You learn a lot about unwrapping such as mark seams and what they are and what they do and where should we add them how to unwrap hole model into on UV map.

Next is Texture Painting tab, This is where we spend most of our time. I tried to teach you the necessary tools for Texture Painting. 

I hope you learn a lot from this trip journey :)