by László Márton in Scripts and Addons

Speed up your Blender to game engine character animation workflow with Arigify! Use the Rigify Blender add-on to rig your meshes and animate them. Get rid of all the clutter in your bone hierarchy and bake your animations, all with the click of a single button using Arigify. Export and enjoy!


  • Save time on rigging and converting skeletons and animations to a format accepted by your game engine
  • Takes literally seconds to set up for each different rig
  • Working with Unreal Engine 4, Unity or Godot? Got you covered
  • Working with non-human characters? No problem! Arigify can handle arbitrary character topologies
  • Use in-engine inverse kinematics without having to deal with disjoint bone chains or replicating all of the Rigify related constraints in your favourite engine
  • Are those pesky left-right symmetric bone hierarchies keeping you from mirroring your physics constraints and collision bodies in UE4? Just select a couple bones and flip them for proper orientation
  • Have your NLA prepared automatically to only export the animations you want to
  • Convert root bone animation to object animation and remove the root bone to enable proper root motion in engines
  • Written entirely in Python for maximum compatibility
  • Documentation in PDF format included