Photorealistic Switches And Outlets Pack

by CMYK Renders in Models

[LIMITED TIME SALE] Every single room in every single house contains light switches and/or wall outlets. This small, often overlooked detail can add realism to your renders, and this pack easily does that without you having to spend the time modeling these small details. Perfect for architecture visualization. This pack includes:

-10 high-detail switches (modern style, classic style, fan controller, and dimmer options)

-10 high-detail outlets (modern style, classic style, ethernet, coaxial cable, GFCI, and a blank cover)

-6 materials to achieve results shown in example renders

-9 low-poly models that can be applied liberally in the background of large and complicated renders, as these use practically no memory

All of these models are made 1:1 with standard measurements and the detail is comparable to their respective real-life counterparts. The high-detail models are made with quads only and are UV unwrapped. Example renders are shown with level 3 subdivision surface.

The low-poly models contain the minimum amount of detail to create good-looking results while having under 500 polygons and very little impact on render time.

---Technical information---

High-detail polycounts:

     -Combined total (unsubdivided): 25,204 faces. Highest count in set: 3,126

     -Combined total (level 2 (recommended) subdivision surface): 413,276 faces. Highest count in set: 50,024

Low-poly polycounts:

     -Combined total: 5,112 faces. Highest count in set: 448