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by Alex Pearce in Addons

AP GameTools is a utility add-on for Blender that helps you optimize and export static models from Blender to Unity, Unreal, Godot, Sketchfab, and beyond.

You can use it as a pipeline for Unity, Unreal, and Godot.

In Unity, you can update your models/shaders/textures, etc. in Blender, push Export for Game Engine, and it automatically updates in your Unity project.  

Unreal and Godot have different pipelines but still import your materials/textures and sets up the shaders automatically.

Update April 2021:

Added several new features.
In the shader tab, there is an AP GameTools tab that has texture resize tools, with these, you can quickly duplicate your texture and resize it to 4k, 2k, 1k, 512 or 256 and/or convert it to JPEG for very quick optimization. Similar tools for HDRs

There's also a new button under UV Tools called Pack UVs, which takes the selected objects, adds UV maps, and packs the uvs from all the selected objects into the new UV map. This helps speed up your baking workflow.

See video about Texture Resize here.

New Planar Decimate button.

New Separate by material button. 

There are also two new export options for FBX.

And bug fixes. 

Here is a list of the operations so far:

Organizing Utilities

  • Clear Parent
  • Delete Empties

Material Utilities

  • Separate by Material
  • Join by Material
  • Rename by Material
  • Origin to Geometry

Decimation Utilities

  • Remove Doubles from selected objects
  • Planar Decimate
  • Decimate by 5%
  • Remove Decimate Modifiers

UV Map Utilities

  • Remove unused UVs
  • Create Lightmap UVs
  • Pack UVs

Export Utilities

  • Export for Game Engine
  • Center and Export for Game Engine
  • Export selected as FBX
  • Export as FBX scene

For an explanation of each operation, check out the documentation tab, watch the video tutorials or join our Discord

You can watch the full playlist here.

Introduction Video 
How To Use 
Unity Pipeline
Unreal Pipeline
Godot Pipeline

Resize Textures and convert to JPEG

We have other addons, including free add-ons at gumroad.com/alexpearce

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Poster Images from The Junk Shop Blender scene by Alex Treviño. Check out his website at aendom.com. Original Concept by Anaïs Maamar.

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