Antique Telescope

by ejones_3d in Models

Antique Telescope

  - Verticies 10,988

  - Polygons 10,645

     Antique Telescope mounted on tripod.  Mostly quad and some tri geometry.

All textures are 4096 x 4096 resolution.  It has overlapping UVs unwrapped to fit the textures. Polygon counts are with no sub-division and all renders where done with no sub-division as well.  Geometry is clean and easily modified due to being mostly quad.

I have included some extra texture maps (Other Files = for better material building if desired. Preview images where rendered with Blender 2.77a Cycles Render. Native file format is Blender 2.77a (.blend).

Texture Maps (All 4096 x 4096)




*Other Files: (in





I included the X_TextureMaps files for use by anyone who can and may desire to make better materials with them.  As the names may imply there is a cavity map, and 2 edge maps made with different settings.  Lastly there is an equirectangular environment texture I used for reflections in my preview renders.  I made it very similar others you may have seen for material balls.  Hope you find good use and enjoyment from this and any of my other models.  A minimal amount of rigging has been done so that it will rotate to point to the Pointer Empty.  The lid and it's chain should rotate opposite the telescope so that it seems to hang naturally. 

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