Antique Chair

by SmartPolygon in Models

Perfect for ArchViz interiors, materials and textures are PBR and model is UV-unwrapped.

Second UV map is used for "splat maps" for "wear effect" textures.

Materials used are new Principled BSDF for correct PBR Fresnel reflections and because of it, object requires Blender 2.79.

  • Object:
  1. Chair (68691 Polys)

  • Materials, 4 Principled BSDF materials for Cycles:
  1. Leather
  2. Wood
  3. Under Pillow
  4. Buttons

  • Seamless textures:
  1. Fabric 2048x2048 (albedo+normal+roughness+specular)
  2. Dust 4096x4096 (albedo)
  3. Metal 1024x1024 (albedo+normal+roughness+metallic)
  4. WallnutWood 1024x1024 (albedo+normal+roughness+specular)

  • Splat map textures B&W (4096x4096) :
  1. Tex_Chair_Pillows_damage
  2. Tex_Chair_Pillows_dirt
  3. Tex_Chair_Wood_damage
  4. Tex_Chair_Wood_dirt