Antique Chair

by energyoverflow in Models

Detailed model of an Antique wooden chair with fine cushion that was created in Biedermeier style. It’s classic style is ideal for many type of interior scenes. It is a perfect match to my other Antique tables. The model is properly UV mapped and textured. Ready for quality renders and close ups. Renders were created with Cycles with 1 level of subdivision applied.   Tech info:
  • The model is a subdivision surface but it look great even without subdivision.
  • Object origin is set to the center of the base model for easy placement and scaling.
  • Material is set for Cycles and Blender internal as well.
  • Texture is in 4K resolution.
Total Polygon count w/o subdiv: 3900 Total Vertex count w/o subdiv: 3900   Total Polygon count with subdiv: 15600 Total Vertex count with subdiv: 15700