Animax - Procedural Animation System

by Monaime in Scripts and Addons

I can't install / it's not working.

First make sure that you are using the latest stable release, daily builds and 2.8 branch are not supported.

You will find the installation instructions in the Manual.
Do not extract the zip file, just install it as is.

For MAC OS users the zip file might be extracted automatically after the download, in this case compress the folder "ANIMAX" to a zip file, then follow the instructions in the Manual.

How to transition from a group of objects to another?

Some effects are better for transition like (Shoot, Popcorn, Zigzag, Sparks II, Streaks, Custom...etc)

It's not really morphing from an object to another, but it's an illusion, to make it work the most important aspect is timing.

Here is a video in how to do it.

How to use ANIMAX with the cell fracture add-on?
How to apply multiple effects/transitions to the same group?

There are several ways to do so:

  1.  By keyframing the Time parameter
  2.  By keyframing the In/Out parameter and the start frame.
  3.  Baking.

And for multiple effects in a row, just keyframe the Effects dropdown menu.

Here is a video in how to do it.