Animating First Person Character Weapons In Blender

by CG Cookie in Training

Everything you need to know to animate first-person game weapons and charactersđź’Ą

This course will show you how to animate all the actions needed for a game: from quick, simple ones (like standing around doing nothing) to complex pro-level like reloading and transforming the rifle into a freakin' cool sniper. 

17 lessons, 5 chapters, 4 rigs

The course is structured in easy-to-follow lessons. 

Chapter #1 An introduction to the rigs 

  • (rigs are included in the course for download) These are 3 weapon rigs and 1 character rig. First, we set them up for animation.

Chapter #2 Animating the Main Actions

  • We will start with creating the simple actions that a player uses the most: idle pose, weapon switch transitions, semi-auto rifle fire and full-auto rifle fire

Chapter #3 Animating the Rifle Reload

  • Next, we'll create a complex animation with switching constraints that gives our robot some character

Chapter #4 Animating the Remaining Actions

  • We'll wrap up the animations by creating all the other actions needed for a basic FPS game: running, jumping, transitions and rifle transformations

Chapter #5 Exporting to Unity or Any Other Game Engine

  • Let's bake the actions, remove constraints, and export everything to a game engine using FBX

Making your FPS Game Responsive

We want to use as few frames as possible to keep things responsive for the player. And the whole process doesn’t take as long as you might think!

We just need to make sure the frames we do use are the right ones! 

Along the way, you’ll become a pro at...

- working with actions in the NLA editor and action editor

- working with curves

- structuring your linked files

- exporting animations to Unity...and a whole lot more. 

Get the Skills to Make any Type of First-Person Shooter Game

The hands and arms are all that your players see of your character, so it’s important to make those few frames expressive and interesting. 

At the same time, they shouldn't be distracting from what your character is doing in the game. 

You'll learn all the do’s and don’ts of first-person animation as we go along so you’ll be prepared to take these skills and transfer them to any other type of FPS game, or any other 3D animation app for that matter. 

Launching in 3...2...1...

Whether you’ve been following along with the other FPS courses in the series or you just want to jump right into this one, you’ll learn a lot!

Who made this course?

CG Cookie! We are a team of 3D artists hell-bent on making amazing things with Blender and sharing what we've learned along the way. 

The creator of this course is Jonathan Lampel, who has made some of the most popular courses on CG Cookie.

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