Animated Render Border

by Ray Mairlot's Shop in Scripts and Addons

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  • Spencer Magnusson 20 days ago

    My only note on why I didn't give 5 stars: when the tracked object leaves the camera view, the border tries to see it and draws a border anyways. It's an edge case and usually not an issue. I ran into this edge case with a group of objects, and so I had to manually keyframe the render border (also a feature of the addon!).
    Otherwise, it saves me lots of time as a VFX artist! Very simple and easy to use.

    • Ray Mairlot 20 days ago

      Hi, thanks for the feedback. I guess a solution would be to try and generate blank images for frames where the objects are completely outside the camera view. I'll have to see if that is possible.

      Feel free to use the 'Create Message' button to the right or contact me at [email protected] if you have any further ideas about how this feature could work.


  • thetrond over 1 year ago

    Excellent, this is a real time saver! Will shave hours off of my render times

  • Faeriel almost 2 years ago

    I was rendering a heavy industrial simulation for a customer and this was a lifesaver. However, at least with my scene, the render time with the animated renderborder seems to be slightly higher than with the regular, "manually" set border. Also, I wasn't able to cancel the render once it started. Still, an amazingly useful plugin, with extremely reasonable price.

  • elcampeondelrodeo about 2 years ago

    this addon is amazing! I can't recommend it enough. The price is totally fair too.

  • Jorge Hernández MelĂ©ndez over 2 years ago

    Great tool!

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