Ambient Grunge Node

by Curtis Holt in Materials, Shaders, Textures

This package contains the Ambient Grunge node group, which will allow you to get procedurally generated dirt effects over an object in Blender. The node has a variety of parameters to customize the effect, including a color input, which lets you pass a texture map.

This effect has been designed for Cycles, but will also work with EEVEE. Since it makes heavy use of the Ambient Occlusion node, you may see some strange visuals when rendering animations in EEVEE (since the AO is screen-space).

Files included in the package:
- A simple scene containing the node group.
- A complex demo scene showing the effect on different surfaces.

To use the node group in your own file, you can append it from one of the blend file provided, or copy-paste an object with a material using the node into your own scene.

Thanks to Charan from just_3d_things for helping to clean up the nodes.