Alt Tab'S Photorealistic Physical Camera Addon

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What is Alt Tab's Camera?

Alt Tab's Camera add-on takes blender's default camera to the next level by giving it physical properties to calculate light and light bounces.

It features custom bokeh, custom dirt maps and imperfections, drawing a camera path, easier camera navigation, in camera autofocus, unified UI for camera and scene settings that display live in your viewport!

It is the ultimate tool to operate your cameras like a real pro!

Why is it better?

Blender's default camera differs from a real world camera by not having an actual lens in front of the sensor. Therefore if you desire any type of real life lighting effect you have to resort to dialing in the settings in the compositor - which requires learning and time which isn't compelling to a lot of users.

Alt Tab's Physical Camera recreates a real world camera inside blender. Featuring different glass setups for different types of desired effects.

By default blender offers some functionality for their camera, but it's scattered across multiple tabs and menus. We brought those options into one unified and easy to navigate panel - granting you full control of your camera in one place!

No more rendering each time you change the position of your camera too see what your compositor does!

All dirt maps and bokeh textures run in real-time in your viewport! Realistic flares and bokeh change as you move around in the viewport and give you stunning results.

Animating your camera movement?

Animating a camera path can be annoying and tedious. Especially when you need to go back and tweak keyframes to get the motion you like.

With our path system you can get quick and beautiful looking camera paths simply by drawing on your viewport. You can make the camera follow the curve or track an object while moving along the curve. You can edit the curve and path of the camera after you already keyframed the movement!

Focusing on the important things!

Blender's camera doesn't have an auto focus system, so you are left to dial in the values yourself and keyframes those values. Alt Tab's Camera features a fully functioning auto focus system that allows you to just point your camera at an object and it will focus on the object's face - dynamically switching between them!

Keep it clean!

The viewport UI of the camera is packed with a ton of features that are designed to help you get better composition, colors and final outcome of you artwork! Create stunning work with the help of composition guides, safe area markers, camera limits, camera name and false color mode toggle!

Libraries, subpanels, sliders and clicky buttons!

The user interface is designed to be simplistic while still packing a ton of features. Each tool and feature is nicely categorized to declutter your workspace and allow you to work with a clean and clear viewport.

Easily switch between lens dirt looks in our library!

Take a look and mess around with custom bokeh textures for your camera!

Get a look someone has never gotten before!

Your lens dirt reacts to the environment lighting and dynamically changes!



- UI Improvements to make things more logical and easier to understand
- Added 35 mm camera setup
- New bokeh panel added
- New camera path and operation panel added
- Added clipping distance sliders to camera settings
- New smart values for the scale and distance of the dirt and bokeh maps + colorization options
- Dirt Map and Bokeh Toggle Buttons
- Added new dirt maps
- Added new bokeh textures

- Removed a few unstable dirt and bokeh textures from version 1.0.1
- Fixed camera path draw errors

- Removed experimental tab from 1.1.0. - all experimental functions are now fully implemented into the addon
- Improved default values of all cameras

Future & What's to come :
- ProMist (realtime blur) filter
- DoF viewport + render toggle
- Custom sensor size options
- Premade sensor types based on real camera: RED, ARRI, SONY...
- Smart focal length slider
- 8 & 300 mm lenses
- Procedural dirt texture 
- Procedural bokeh texture
- Add flying dust particles to your scene
- Camera shakes on path
- Premade camera paths and movements

Despite being a life-like camera you can still tweak the values to get your desired artistic results!


Take your project to the next level by using our procedural material library featuring 128 materials and lighting tools!

A total of 128 Procedural materials with clean node setups!

17 Abstract materials

18 Rock/stone/hard surface materials

10 Car paints

15 Metals

14 Glass/Crystal materials

8 Plastic materials

9 Tile Materials

4 Raymarching materials

5 Wood materials

3 Water materials

6 Terrain shaders

5 Line materials

2 Snow materials

3 Holo materials

1 Master emissive material

3 Clay materials

2 Godray/volumetric materials

+ (Misc. materials (skin, lava, bubbles etc.) 

Check the product page on the link below:

Alt Tab Material Asset Pack

Or select the purchase variant that already includes the materials with the camera addon!

Video tutorial for the addon:

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