Ai Face-Markerless Facial Mocap For Blender

by Legacy developers in Scripts and Addons

AI Face - Markerless Facial Motion Capture Solution for blender

This program can be used to animate the face of your 3d model automatically. You just need to record a video of your face with the webcam of your laptop or any other camera (with no depth sensor!) and then this program will retarget those facial movements to your 3d model (This program only supports windows OS).

You will require a character with the required shape keys. Among 52 apple ARkit shapekeys, this program is capable to animate 28 shapekeys.

Update: 22/01/2021 - 17:00 IST - 1. Face Profiling system is added (Now you don't have to select extreme poses for each take)

2. Not working in blender issue fixed (Now addon can take relative as well as absolute path as an input to datafile's directory)

3. Other bugs fixes

Demo :

Tutorial (for older version of AI Face new tutorial will be out soon till then refer to manual):

System contains two programs:

  • AI Face windows executable(To record and generate facial animation data)
  • AI Face add-on (To read that generated data and animate character)

When you unzip the given 7z file, you will see the folder of executable, python file (which is blender addon), manual, and one demo .blend file.

Steps to animate your character’s face:

  1. Record video (inside or outside AI Face software)
  2. Choose extreme poses.
  3. Hit the generate button to generate data
  4. Open blender and install add-on
  5. Choose the directory of the dataset and hit animate and you are done.

For more info Refer Manual