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Building Roof + AE Addon

The AE Library is made for faster and better optimalised profesional ArchViz Renders. 

With AE Addon Features like auto roof tiles array, advanced duplicate, curve based modeling you will save up to 50% modeling time. 

Building Parts contains 97 models with premade variations -  637 models.

Models are optimalised for large aerial scenes with GPU rendering and VRAM usage minimalisation. Materials are half-procedural with single 4K CC0 texture, auto material copy replacement function, optimalised models topology and instances option provide saving VRAM memory a lot (aerial render sceen under 4GB od VRAM)

The whole library is made from 4 parts: Building Parts, Building Roof, Exterior Fence and Exterior Assets and I highly recomend using all of them for full functionalities :)

                           + Free future updates!

AE Addon - Asset Manager

Asset management and features operators are located in 3D view right panel. Image based navigation and single file management are easy to read and give access to properly categorized Asset Library.

AE Features :D

Asset management system append proper named collections, packed in single category file. It give a lot of possibilities to explore library without checking multiple files

Keep Collections organized 

Assets Collection contains profiles and instance collection used in scene, you can always get access or disable them.

Face auto array - automate placing roof tiles (it takes time, when using Boolean)

Edge auto array - place roof ridge easy

Curve based Gutter and Attic profiles

You get all of AE Addon Features:

Duplicate with random transform, duplicate to orgin, auto orgin

Random Transform

Face Array, Edge Array, Simple array, Curve Array

Boolean from face, Toggle Boolean visibility

Sort collections, Remove empty collections, Select parenting tree

And many more... :D

Green from renders are from Botaniq and Scatter addon. Showcase render file is not included in AE Building Parts Addon.

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Software Version 2.92, 2.93
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