Advanced Ocean Modifier

by Modicolitor in Scripts and Addons

The Fastest and Simplest Way to an Interactive Water Surface in Blender! 

Create an fully animated ocean in Blender with just one click. 

Choose from 3 Ocean Presets for lovely, lively and stormy weather and tweak the simplified ocean settings. A gorgeous Cycles material for realistic water and foam effects is already included. Make 3D models float on the ocean surface or have them interact with one click. Make objects create waves and foam. 

Get the viking boat model for free!

Find more detailed information and trailer on the Advanced Ocean Modifier Website:

A detailed documentation can be found under

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  • braj about 1 month ago

    This is great, saves me a lot of setup time for the effect, I'd like to see more options for editing the water in the tool shelf, but that's being demanding. Price was reasonable too.

  • bmv2011 11 months ago

    This is definitely worth it. Saved me a lot of time on an animation with superb results. You can see the result 10 seconds in to this video

  • fxswan 11 months ago

    Bought and tested..... only problem I had was the install instructions for 2.79 did not work...kept giving install errors.... but have seen this before so unzipped the folder into:
    C:\user\????\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons
    deleted the license and text message then installed and it installed error free....
    this add-on will save me a lot of time for sure...worth the money

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