Adaptive Bridges Ⅱ - arch bridge

by StruffelProductions in Models

Bridges for every occasion

Whether you are making a small valley, huge modern city or a waterfall in the jungle, bridges can be found in and around all of them. And since every scene requires its bridge do be differently sized in order to match the environment. Therefore I created a series of different bridges that have the ability to adapt to any environment for amazing scenes like these:

The content of part Ⅱ: Arch bridge

  • The model is built along a curve, allowing for creative road geometry
  • the width of the bridge can easily be adjusted thanks to several drivers and modifers

How to append the Asset into your scene

To use this Asset, just go into the destination project and click on "File" > "Append" , then navigate to the file you downloaded and append the Group (not the Object!) with the name "Asset_bridge_small".

How to adjust the road geometry

To adjust length and shape of the road select the curve below the bridge, go into edit mode and translate the individual points.

How to adjust the width of the bridge

In order to change the width of the bridge, just select and move the little cube next to the beginning. I is locked to one axis and can only be moved to a certain extent, so there is nothing to break!

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