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Apartment Layout Generator 

Save yourself some time when creating your next interior scene! Create the layout of a complete apartment in no time with this complex but easy-to-use tool.

Let's be real:

Modeling rooms or a complete apartment is never fun. The fun part is filling the rooms with cool stuff, decorating and lighting. This system will let you skip the boring part to start with the fun part instead.

All you have to do is create a rough 2D floor plan of your apartment/room in the form of a plane. The system will do the rest for youThe "rest" refers to the walls, floor, ceiling and baseboards. In addition, you can easily insert windows, doors or holes for staircases via collections, for which a suitable hole is automatically created in the apartment geometry. 

It only took roughly 5 minutes to create what you see below:

How it works

Add a plane, add the system to it and done! You got your first square room finished. You can now extrude edges, round corners or dissolve edges to create more complex rooms.
Every n-gon (face) is a room, while every edge is a wall. That way, your apartment layout can have any shape!


The workflow is non-destructive thanks to the geometry nodes, giving you permanent control over your scene.
Of course, all sizes, widths, heights, etc are adjustable. To keep everything in view and to better edit the rooms as well as the future stuff that will be in it, you even have the option to show and hide each element.

More boring stuff you don't need to do anymore!

The system lets you choose from many premade types of baseboards, to make your rooms look more realistic. 

Not sure yet? 

 100% procedural

✅ Fully customizable 

✅ Good topology

✅ Low and high poly possible

✅ Easy to use

 Example file with instructions

✅ Always gets updated to the next blender version

✅ Free lifelong updates

 And also.... You can save yourself a lot of time

Stay tuned!

Check out my other ACS products on my store page!

But there is more to come! There will be more ACS systems soon, to help you create the perfect architecture scenes!

The Download Files

The download includes a file with the "ACS_Apartment Generator" object, which you can then transfer to your own scenes. 
It also incudes short instructions and an example file, so you can start creating you own rooms right away!
Have fun with the system! 


Please first look at the FAQ. I always update it. If you have a common problem, there is a chance, that there is already an answer for you.
If you still have any questions or problems with it, feel free to contact me and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful day!

Made with Blender 3.4

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