Accent Pro (Edit-mode Layers)

by Minimalist Soft in Scripts and Addons

Now you can have layers in edit mode!

Model with better precision. Accent Pro for Blender is a modeler's go to tool for efficient modeling. It promotes a proper low to high polycount workflow. Model mesh editing layers are already implemented in some 3D software packages, and now as a plugin for Blender. Accent Pro for Blender is useful for the beginning 3D artist and the professional alike.

Designed with a minimalist, universal interface, Accent Pro for Blender helps a modeler maintain another degree of efficiency while accomplishing modeling tasks. Accent Pro is for everyone. Even texture artists will find it useful in their workflow for UV maps. Accent Pro is a must-have tool for any CG artist.

Highlight features:

-Transparent to Blender’s operation.

- Locking layers for mesh protection.

- Layers save with your project file.

- Quick Solo Scroll through layers by using SHIFT + `(Accent)

Version 1.1 Released!

Updates: Fixed bug that created a slow response to saving faces over 3,000 polygons.

Version 1.1 Version 2.79 Fix Released!

Updates: Icon naming convention for compatibility with Blender 2.79

Note: If you’ve downloaded Accent Pro before the fix release, please email through this site or at [email protected] and we will send the updated version free of charge!


(Accent Pro for Blender is tested on Windows and Apple)


Copy the file to:

Harddrive (McIntosh HD) > Applications > Blender > (right-click on and “Show Package Contents”)> Contents > Resources > 2.7x > scripts > addons\

  • Start Blender and select: File > User Preferences > Add-ons \
  • Tick “3D View: Accent Pro”
  • Now you’re ready to start using modeling layers in edit mode.


Copy the file to:

  1. 64-bit: Windows (C:)\ Program Files > Blender Foundation > Blender > 2.7x > scripts > addons\
  2. 32-bit: Windows (C:)\ Program Files  (x86) > Blender Foundation > Blender > 2.7x > scripts > addons\
  • Start Blender and select: File > User Preferences > Add-ons \
  • Tick “3D View: Accent Pro”
  • Now you’re ready to start using modeling layers in edit mode.


Start a new box modeling session or begin with a low polycount model. Accent Pro can handle large polycounts if a low polycount model is started as the basis, and layers are not cleared after being saved to a given layer.

Divide the model up into the appropriate layers, being sure to name each layer and use all the faces in the model. If the layer is not set to "On, " the face will automatically hide when saved to a layer.

To save faces to a layer, press the save button. Additional faces can be added to a layer by selecting the face and then pressing the save button.

To clear a layer, press the clear button. Keep in mind that Accent Pro is designed for the precise, fast modeler, so the clear button clears the entire layer at once.

To view or hide a layer, press the layer visibility toggle button.

Thats it! Simply model as you would normally and Accent Pro does the rest.


Show All: This button displays all layers at once except the frozen layers. If you accidentally hit the shortcut ALT + h to unhide all faces, reset Accent Pro by pressing the "Show All" button.

Solo Scroll: Solo scroll will set each layer to solo view as it scrolls through each layer. Solo scroll will override frozen layers and unlock them. The shortcut for Solo Scroll is: SHIFT + ' (Accent).

Invert Select: Invert select acts the same as a toggle button for selecting all visible items. Pressing it will either select the entire visible mesh or deselect it.


Lock: Locking the layer will freeze the layer so that it can not be edited or accessed. When the "Show All" button is pressed, any layers that are hidden and locked will not be visible. Solo Scroll will override the Lock button.

Save: Selecting faces and pressing the "Save" button will save selected faces to a given layer. This button is accumulative as faces are selected and the button is pressed. So faces can be added as necessary to a given layer by pressing the "Save" button.

Delete: The delete button is created for speed. So, when pressed, it clears the entire layer- not selected faces.

Hide/ View: The hide/ view button will either hide or show the specific layer. This button will display a grey icon when no mesh data is present, and display a blue icon when mesh data has been saved to the layer.

For questions and support, please use the Contact button on this website located at:

Why does it cost $3.05?

No reason. Accent Pro works flawlessly and professionally.

Does Accent Pro damage my mesh?

No. If you don't want to use Accent Pro any longer, simply deactivate in the Preferences > Addons menu, and be sure to hit ALT + h in edit mode to display any hidden faces. Accent Pro operates above Blender's functions, so it is non-destructive and will never corrupt your mesh.

How does Accent Pro Perform with Subsurfacing?

Accent Pro is transparent in operation, so feel free to use your normal workflow.

Are there unlimited layers?

Not yet... :) There are 8 layers. However, they do function very well.

Does Accent Pro do anything else besides layers?

Accent Pro is kept purposefully very simple. There is a Solo Scroll feature using the SHIFT + `(Accent) key combo. This allows you to quickly scroll through each layer starting at the first layer.

Will Accent Pro really help my workflow?

Yes. If you are a professional or beginner, you'll find that sometimes it may be difficult to access certain parts of a mesh. You might want to show only certain parts of a mesh- or hide certain parts of a mesh. If you find that one mesh hiding function is not enough, then you will love Accent Pro.

Is Accent Pro available in my language?

Accent Pro is designed with a minimalist interface. All elements are icons so that operation is universal.

Is Accent Pro for High Polycount Modeling?

Yes. Accent Pro can handle whatever your computer and Blender can handle.

Item Rating

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  • 9e783153fae6b9f9e1f1665f63887a85

    chermozak 7 months ago

    Great addon, it helps me a lot in modeling!)) Thanks to the developer!))

  • 5399c8accd9d070e70577d4cc973a41d

    renderluz 10 months ago

    The addon does not seem to work on blender 2.78.5 that means it will probably will not work for blender 2.79, please fix it a soon as you can, I really wanted to use it, but I can't as I need to use the new builds for my work, maybe it works on 2.78c I haven't checked, as it is right now the layer list is not visible, on build git.edc6bec

    • Thumb

      Minimalist Soft 10 months ago

      Hi RenderLux! It works perfectly with 2.78.5. It is possible and highly likely that either some configuration issues are the cause or an existing plugin causing the issue. We will work with you and attempt to create a custom build to help and see if we can solve your problems. Please email us and we'll get started... MS

  • 5a2183cf7f6c0f97276ce3fa5676a77d

    fiendish55 about 1 year ago

    Really liking the addon but unlike I thought it has limited layers (only 8) which is way too less in complex characters with alot of gadgets. Also I would love to see that "Quick Solo Scroll" feature would automatically skip unactive/empty layers in the hierarchy. With these two improvements I would give it full five stars.

    • Thumb

      Minimalist Soft about 1 year ago

      Hi fiendish55! Thanks for really liking Accent Pro! Thanks for the feedback also! To answer your comments... Please PM us for suggestions on the topic of using Accent Pro's layers with complex modeling & gadgets. The "Quick Solo Scroll" by design does not skip layers in the hierarchy in case one needed to arrive quickly at a layer that is empty. You may find that quite useful for speed. fiendish55, we're seriously listening. It's the end users who are important. Thank you very much, and look forward to future upgrades. If you'd like to offer more extensive suggestions, please PM us, we'd love to hear what will make Accent Pro better as it steadily becomes a standard tool in Blender!

  • 0e75d5893a39884445bb5481302defb4

    emboo2 about 1 year ago

    Love this addon. Thanks for sharing at a donation price. Hope to see unlimited layers in the future. PMing suggestions for future releases. Thanks again and cheers!

  • 72d61a09f8cc270eda9179687e689e2b

    Matthew Goodsell about 1 year ago

    Great little addon, especially for only 4 bucks. It does what it says on the tin.

    If you are taking suggestions however, would it be possible to make it work in other modes as well ? For example object mode for bone placement, and weight painting mode, etc... ? If it kept mesh parts hidden outside of edit mode this addon would be priceless.

    Thanks for writing it.

    • Thumb

      Minimalist Soft about 1 year ago

      Hi Matthew! Thanks for trying and liking Accent Pro. It means a lot to us. Thank you for the suggestions also, as hopefully this will be a standard Blender tool for artists. We have a development/ improvement path and any feedback is always welcome as it helps to create a product that users will enjoy.

  • Fffdf916deaa47e3a42859a266e6c8bd

    brent3d about 1 year ago

    Great Addon, as a Lightwave/ Modo user this is priceless! Will you be developing a feature to add more layers?

    • Thumb

      Minimalist Soft about 1 year ago

      Thank you so much for the first purchase! Infinite layers being added is a feature that likely will depend on popularity and demand. So feel free to PM us with additional comments!

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